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Margate City Police Department
A Brief History of the Margate City Police Department

Margate City Police Department
Reproduced with the permission of the Margate City Historical Society

     Margate City's Police Department was organized in 1905. Our first appointed officer was Ollie Hackney. William Van Dexter joined the fledgling force in 1909 and was followed by William B. Devereux, whose $65.00 per month salary was supplemented by $5.00 for serving as truant officer and dog catcher. These officers patrolled on foot and sometimes rode bicycles. Motorcycles were introduced in 1926, and by 1928 the Police Department consisted of four patrolmen and Chief Charles E. Miller. Telephone call boxes were used for communication. Officers were signaled to call headquarters by a light atop city hall, which flashed when they were needed. Patrol cars were purchased in 1929, and radios were added in 1941 replacements. In the shadow of Margate City's historic and celebrated landmark, Lucy the Elephant, our community has continued to grow and prosper.Margate City's proud Police Department has also grown and has kept pace with state of the art developments in law enforcement techniques and equipment to ensure the safety and security of our constantly expanding population. Police Headquarters, the third location in department history, is now housed in a modern, recently remoldled building at 111 Norht Decatur Avenue. At this November, 1996 writing, Police Chief Roger Reid, reporting to Public Safety Commissioner Sigmund Rimm, commands a force of 30 men and women in blue, including Deputy Chief David Wolfson, Captain William Fritz, three lieutenants, three sergeants, and eighteen partolemen, along with two detectives, six communications operators, including a supervisor, and supporting administrative and maintenance personnel.
Police Chief Biographies
Police Chief Charles E. Miller Jr.

     Charles E. Miller Jr. was appointed as a policeman on April 1, 1923. From September 6, 1923 until January 1, 1924 he served as Constable. On April 17, 1924 h was appointed Chief of Police. On February 11, 1926 he was also appointed as Chief of the Fire Department. Police Chief Milller was the first and only Chief who served simultaneously as head of both the Fire and Police Departments.
     On August 6, 1942 Chief Miller took a leave ob absence to serve with the Maritime Commission during World War II. He was lost at sea. When he was declared missing in action by the military the City Fathers appointed a new Police Chief and a new Fire Chief.
Police Chief Clement L. Heiser

     Chief Heiser entered the police department as a motorcycle patrolman in June of 1928. He was appointed acting Chief when Chief Miller took his leave of absence to join the military. When Chief Miller was declared lost at sea during World War II acting Chief Heiser was appointed Chief as of August 1, 1943. He served in that position until 1967.
Police Chief James J. Creaghe

     James J. Creaghe was born on April 17, 1922. He was appointed as a Patrolman on April 1, 1946. He was appointed Detective in 1950 and was then appointed Detective Sergeant in 1953. He was acting Chief of Police from 1965-1967. He was officially appointed as Chief of Police in March of 1967 and served until he retired in April of 1988.
Police Chief Roger Reid

     Police Chief Reid was born on November 23, 1944. He served in the US Airforce from 1961-1966, his rank at discharge was Sergeant of the Air Police. He started as a Patrolman for the City of Margate on January 9, 1967 and was promoted to Sergeant on May 2, 1975. He was again promoted to the rank of Lieutenant on February 2, 1978 and to Captain on October 31, 1980. On January 29, 1988 he was promoted to Deputy Chief and his promotion to Chief quickly followed on April 21, 1988. He is a thirty year resident of Margate City and is a commercial nstrument pilot.Chief Reid retired in May of 2000.
Police Chief David Wolfson

     Police Chief Wolfson started as a patrolman on January 19, 1984. He was promoted to Sergeant on April 7, 1988 and to Lieutenant on July 1, 1993. He was then promoted to Captain on November 10, 1994, and then to Deputy Police Chief on October 10, 1996, He was promoted to Chief of Police on May 1, 2000.
Margate City Police Patch History
     Margate City's Police uniform patch consists of the words "Margate Police, NJ" in white letters on a gold bordered black background. A white circular field with symbols of the sea, includes a scallop shell highlighted in green. Superimposed upon the shell, which is surrounded by tiny green sea life, is the trident of Neptune, mythological God of the Sea. A banner at the bottom bears the legend "Marine Sylvan City."

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