Friday, January 18, 2019
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History of the Margate Bridge:
Linking Offshore to Onshore

Made available by Capaldi Reynolds & Associates
Reprinted here with the permission of the Margate City Historical Society

In 1929, the Margate Northfield Bridge Company was formed and purchased from the Board of Commerce and Navigation of the State of New Jersey and from the War Department of the United States a permit to build a bridge from the City of Margate to Baker's Wharf Landing in the township of Egg Harbor.  It also purchased from the Department of Inland Waterways the right to build bridges over the navigable waters and the riparian rights.
The land for the roadway was purchased from several meadow land owners and is two and one quarter miles long, extending from 50 ft. to 80 ft. from the center of the road, making a width varying from 100 ft. to 160 ft.
The company contracted with the Hill Dredging Company and F. W. Schwiers, Jr. Company to construct the four bridges and causeway in accordance with a plan and specification prepared by William H. Collisson Jr. Engineer.
The construction was financed by the issue of First Mortgage Bonds with the Seaside Trust Company as Trustee, and the sale of Preferred and Common Stock, the majority of the stock being purchased by the Hill Dredging Company.  The bridges were opened for traffic in 1932 and collected tolls in accordance with New Jersey Statutes 48:5-8.
After several months, the operation of the bridges was terminated because of financial problems of the Margate Northfield Bridge Company.
On May 30, 1939, a corporation in the name of Margate Bridge Company was formed to take over the assets of the Margate Northfield Bridge Company, and the Hill Dredging Company was issued the majority of the capital stock.
In 1962, the Hill Dredging Company, as a result of very substantial losses in out-of-state dredging contracts, went bankrupt, and George F. Kugler, Jr., Esquire became the Trustee of Hill Dredging Company.
In the course of his duties, the Trustee held an auction of the Margate Bridge Stock in the Federal Court in Camden in April, 1964.  There were several bidders.  The Capaldi Family and the Hansen Family submitted the highest bid and acquired the Margate Bridge.
  Historical Photos of the Margate Bridge