Monday, December 10, 2018
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A Beautiful Tribute:
Margate City War Memorial

Research gathered by Bob Patterson
The Margate War Memorial located at Mansfield Avenue and the Parkway


     Have you ever attended a Memorial Day parade followed by ceremonies at the Margate War Memorial located at Mansfield avenue and the Parkway? It is a beautiful site and we have our forefathers to thank for such a fitting memorial.
     The Margate War Memorial met at City Haill in April of 1937 to devise ways and means of attaining a "Lasting Memorial" for soldiers who left Margate to serve in the warr.
     A tentative sketch of the proposed monument was displayed at the meeting and was agreed to by all as a fitting remembrance of those who left Margate to fight for democracy.
     Margate City designated the circle at the Ventnor Parkway and Mansfield Avenue as the proposed memorial site. The memorial would be made of granite or some stone of lasting quality and of beautiful design. The architect was R. Bayne Williams, the local buiilding inspector. It was decided to have the structure complete by the Fourth of July of that year and to hold the dedication services on the afternoon of that day.
     The members of the Committee agreed to a popular subscription campaign with a goal of $1,000.00. Contributions to the memorial-regardless of the amount contributed, were to be given a certificate and their names would be placed on a scroll which would be sealed into the monument to rest there for time immemorial.
     The Committee subsequently designed a coupon which would be placed in the Margate Beacon informing readers on how they might contribute to the memorial. The Committee also planned a house-to-house drive to raise funds. In the beginning of May, the Committee had raised $200.00 and by the end of May another $100.00 was raised. The groundbreaking began!
     The headlines in the July issue of the Margate Beacon read "War Memorial Committee Plans Elaborate Program at Monument Unveiling July 25." The article indicated that the Memorial was being erected to honor the soldiers who left Margate during the late war, including Theodore J. Haring who was killed in action. The inscription reads as follows:

"Peacefully They Rest In Glory Everlasting"
Erected as an everlasting
Tribute by
The citizens of Margate City
Theodore J. Haring, killed in action
Harry McClain, wounded
Ollie Hackney
Howard Norcross
William Sullivan
Joseph Sullivan
"That this Nation under God,
Shall have a new Birth of Freedom
And that Government of the
People; by the People: For the People:
Shall Not Perish
From the Earth."
Earl E. Jeffries, Mayor
John Spaulding, Com. Public Works
E.Bertram Wright, Com. Revenue & Finance
R. Bayne Williams, Architect