Sunday, January 20, 2019
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  • Does the library have a scanner?

    The library has a free scanner service. You can scan documents and save them to a USB drive. You can buy a USB drive at the circulation desk. Convert books, documents and photos into PDF, Word or JPEG files.

  • Is there fax service in the library?

    Yes, we have a self-service fax station. It only does OUTGOING fax. Use a credit card or purchase a FaxCash card at the circulation desk. All instructions and prices are posted on the fax machine.

  • I have a big research project or paper, can someone help me?

    The staff at the Margate Library can help you identify books and/or online databases to support your research needs. 

  • How do I find a book in the library?

    Use one of the stand-up PACs (Public Access Catalogs) located next to the circulation desk. Search for your book in the catalog.  Write down the call number and use the call number to find the book on the shelf. Fiction is arranged alphabetically by the author's last name. Non-Fiction is arranged by the Dewey Numbers. Biographies are arranged alphabetically by the person's last name (Books on Frank Sinatra are found under "Sinatra."). If you can't find it, ask a staff person for help.  

  • How do I access the Internet?

    Double click (press the left mouse button two times quickly) while overtop of  the Internet Explorer icon on the desktop.It will take you to the Margate Library website. Type in your URL address to access your desired web site.

  • How long can I use the internet?

    You are granted two sessions a day. Each session is a minimum of 30 minutes, or a maximum of 60 minutes, depending on the number of people using the computers. During that time you may use the internet. If you have a personal laptop, you are allowed access to the Margate Library wireless network for unlimited time. 

  • Can I use my laptop in the library?

    The Margate City Public Library is a wireless hotspot. Your computer must have a built in wireless card. Your computer will automatically recognize the wireless network. Printing is not an option in the wireless environment.

    However, you could send yourself an email attachment of your desired document, open the document on a library computer, and print your document (black and white only) at a cost of ten cents per page. Color copies are twenty five cents per page.

  • How do I send E-mail?

    The Library does not host E-mail accounts. You must establish an account with an independant E-mail provider. Some sites that offer free E-mail accounts are and Signing up is fast and easy.

  • Do you offer access to any other databases?

    YES! We offer access to over 20 powerful subject related databases. These databases are subscription based, electronic versions of printed materials. Nearly all of the databases can be accessed at home with the use of your library card. To reach the online databases go to and click the Research Tools link. 

  • Is the Margate City Public Library a branch of the Atlantic County System?

    No, like the Avalon Public Library, the Ocean City Public Library, the Linwood Library and several others, the Margate City Public Library is an independant municipal library for the City of Margate, NJ. 


  • Are there any plans to make the Margate Public Library a branch of the Atlantic County System?

    At this time and for the forseeable future, the Margate Public Library will retain its independence from the Atlantic County System.  However, we do pursue cooperative projects with other libraries to promote efficiency and quality of service. 

  • What forms of ID will I need to obtain a library card?

    You will need one of the following:  New Jersey DMV Drivers License, NJ DMV ID Card, Voter Registration Card, a One Year Lease or Copy of a Tax Bill, a New Jersey Casino Control Commission License, or a recent utility bill.  The identification presented must be in your name, must be current, and must have the same address that you indicate on your application.

  • Are county residents allowed to use their county library card in Margate's library?

    No. However, we have a pre-existing agreement with the Atlantic County Library that allows for all Atlantic County residents to obtain a library card with us.  There is no fee for County residents so long as one of the approved forms of ID are provided.  There is a $10.00 per card fee for anyone who cannot offer proof of residence in Atlantic County as outlined below. We have a reciprocal relationship with the Ocean City and Avalon communities. They are entitled to a Margate Library card with proof of residence. Margate residents are entitled to a card at the Ocean City and Avalon libraries.

  • Can reserves be placed on Atlantic County Library books through the Margate Library?

    No.  It is no longer possible to reserve or pick up county books at the Margate Library.  Atlantic County books may be available to Margate Public Library patrons through Inter-Library Loan. 

  • Can I print at the library?

    If you are using a library computer (not a personal laptop) you are able to print in black and white for cost of 10 cents per page. Color copies are 25 cents per page.  If you are using your own laptop, printing at the library is not possible.   However, you could email the document to yourself via attachment, open it on a library computer, and print it. 

  • Can someone help me create a typed document?

    Please understand that the Library Staff is not allowed to assist you in formatting, fixing, or typing your document. If you need assistance, a few books are available for you in the collection. The only aid that the Staff is allowed to offer is saving your document and printing your document.

  • Can I print in color?

    Color printing is available for 25 cents per page.

  • How long can I use a computer?

    You are granted two sessions a day. Each session is a minimum of 30 minutes, or a maximum of 60 minutes, depending on the amount of people using the computers.

  • Can I type a letter or a report on these machines?

    Yes you may, but please keep in mind that the same time restrictions apply to you as they do to our patrons using the Internet. Microsoft Word, Excel, and Power Point is available.