New Beacon - Decade 2010

J.W. Ingersoll. The Margate Boardwalk would serve as a pedestrian and bicyle thor ‐ oughfare from Atlantic City through Vent ‐ nor and Margate from 1906 ‐ 1944. In fact, the Margate Boardwalk slightly predated the Margate City. The Boardwalk was built by P.E. Lane for the “Common Council of the City of South Atlantic City” in 1906. It was not until 1909 that the common council decided to rename this municipality to distin ‐ guish it from Atlantic City. Original work contracts from 1910 indi ‐ cate that the boardwalk was lighted in 1910 by Atlantic City Electric Light Co. Four years after the Margate Boardwalk was lighted, World War I began in Europe. In early January 1914, Absecon Island sustained a nor’easter that that caused the first significant damage to the Margate Boardwalk. The City Clerk wrote that there were “two or three breaks in the deck of the board ‐ walk, [and] shifting of other portions of the boardwalk.” (Clerk, January 6, 1914, pg. 1) The Margate Boardwalk was re ‐ paired by A. Frank Stiegler. Further reconstruction in 1915 was performed by During the 1920s piers were added to the Mar ‐ gate Boardwalk. The walk, which connected through Ventnor’s Boardwalk to the famous Atlan ‐ tic City Boardwalk, is shown in its’ final form at the right. The Board ‐ walk received heavy bicycle traf ‐ fic, and endured ice storms in 1934. Two Victorian beauties survey a more adven ‐ turesome lady from their perch on the new Margate Boardwalk. 1906. Margate Boardwalk Construction  1906 Margate Board ‐ walk Built  1909 South Atlantic City Named Margate  1910 Margate Board ‐ walk Lighted  1914 Boardwalk Sus ‐ tains Damage/ WWI Begins  1918 WWI Ends  1920s Continual Im ‐ provements to Board ‐ walk  1934 Historic Ice Storm  1939 WWII Starts  1944 The Great At ‐ lantic Hurricane De ‐ stroys most of the Boardwalk  1962 The Ash Wednesday Storm car ‐ ried away what little Boardwalk remained. The Gl or y Yea r s o f the Ma r ga t e Boa rdwa l k M a r g a t e O n c e h a d a B o a r d w a l k : 1 9 0 6 ‐ 1 9 4 4 The Beac0n A Collaboration Between The Margate City Historical Society and The Margate Public Library April, 2010 Volume 10, Issue 2 Margate Boardwalk by Year